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Before, there was no easy way to share a loadout and attach some context to it. There was also no good way to keep track of multiple loadouts.

This is a tool to solve those problems.

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Path 1.3.1 - Legends of Quna

Yo dudes,

Site is now up to date for the 1.3.1 patch.

If you find anything wrong, lemme know.

See you in the arena


Hey dudes. I've updated the site for Patch 1.3.
Zander is in the builder!

If you see anything that looks wrong, lemme know, I'll fix it up right away

See you in the arena

Patch 1.2.0 - Frozen Mists

Hey guys. I've updated the site for the Alysia patch

See you in the arena


Small Site Patch

I've pushed a small patch for you guys. The main feature requested was the ability to edit a build, so I added it right away.

Additionally, you can now view the number of times your Loadout has been viewed and Favorited.

The last small change you may or may not notice is we now use a hyphen(-) in our build URLs.
before: battlerite.build/thorn/296,297,303,304,310/70
after: battlerite.build/thorn/296-297-303-304-310/70

The reason I did this was because twitch chat automatically adds spaces after commas, which would lead to broken links if you tried to paste into twitch chat.

Any builds you shared that used commas will still work.
However, in the future the generated URL for Loadouts will use the hyphens

Thanks for using the site.
PS: fixed a typo on homepage. oops. >.>

Patch 1.1.1 - Prehistoric Mania

Site has been updated with changes from the Prehistoric Mania patch.

See you in the arena